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Wikishirts are T-shirts generated from Wikipedia

A huge selection of white shirts on any topic you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re a nerd, hacker, pyromaniac, Motorsport enthusiast, or Samurai sword collector, there’s a Wikishirt for that.

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* Shirts that violate our terms of service will be refunded and not printed

Frequently asked questions

What exactly are you making?

An online store where users can search Wikipedia pages, pick an article they like, and purchase a shirt with basically the first section of the article on it. You don't have to design anything, that's literally it.

Why did you do this?

I think there are lots of people that have strange, non-mainstream interests and want fashion to express that. Large fashion stores make clothing that follow what is popular or trending, so I thought there would be demand for this kind of thing.

How does this work?

Like any other online store, except print the shirt you selected just after you order it from this website. We secure and encrypt all payment information using Stripe, so you can be sure there's nothing sketchy going on ;)

Where do you ship and how long does it take?

We ship internationally for free. It takes about 3-10 business days in the United States and 3-17 business days everywhere else in the world. See our Shipping policy for more info.

What's the returns policy?

Be refunded if your shirt isn't satisfactory. Go ahead and contact us (using the button in the bottom right corner) and check out our Returns & refunds policy.

How do you manage our information?

We use third parties like Stripe to store your payment information. Check out our Privacy policy.

Is every Wikipedia article appropriate?

Probably not, there's definitely some profane stuff on at least one in those 5.7 million crowdsourced English Wikipedia articles out there. If you're planning on purchasing (and wearing) a shirt, it's content is probably fine in most states, however it's best to check out the laws in your local state. See our Terms of service.